Ring Repair Manchester

Get a dependable ring repair for Manchester. The team provide a service which covers alterations and cleaning. If you want a ring repair for Manchester that is really convenient, Treasure Mender has the solution.

All services are provided by knowledgeable technicians who are members of the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ).

Whether it's a gold, silver or platinum ring, the professionals can offer assistance where needed.

Every ring repair for Manchester comes with a warranty for added peace of mind that the work has been carried out to a high standard.

Ring Repair Manchester
Wedding Ring Repair

Wedding Ring Repair

Whether a ring is too loose or tight, or a part is damaged, the staff can help. A ring repair for Manchester can cover vintage and modern wedding rings.

Gold Ring Repair

Gold Ring Repair

If you have a gold ring that needs some professional attention, then Treasure Mender can assist. The staff can also provide a silver ring repair for Manchester as well as gold ring repair.

Ring Rhodium Plating

Ring Rhodium Plating

When white gold rings have lost their sparkle, ring rhodium plating for Manchester can restore it to a fantastic condition. The jewellery repairers offer ring repairs that come with free estimates.

Ring Repairs Manchester

Ring Repairs Manchester

Treasure Mender offers ring repairs for Manchester via post to an independent national workshop. For customers wanting to travel, you can visit 1 of 54 branches across the United Kingdom.

If you require ring cleaning, repairs, or alterations for Manchester then the experts are able to help. A large range ring repairs and adjustments are offered.

Popular brands covered include Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Chopard, Carrera y Carrera, Mikimoto, Damiani, Buccellati, Chaumet, Piero Milano and De Grisogono to name but a few examples.

The technicians are able to work on all types and styles of rings including wedding ring repair, engagement ring repair, and repairs for signet rings, dress rings, eternity rings, gemstone rings, gold rings and silver rings, to list just a few examples.

No ring repair for Manchester is undertaken without authorisation from you. Free estimates are available upon initial enquiry and inspection of the item. To find out further information on ring repairs for Manchester by post, simply get in touch today by filling out the website form with your details. A customer service representative will respond via email or phone during business hours.

Ring Adjustment Manchester

Ring Adjustment Manchester

Affordable ring adjustment for Manchester by a nationwide network of specialists, with years of experience in the industry. Providing an excellent customer experience is important to the experts who will try their best to offer assistance where possible.

The fully stocked workshop allows the jewellery repairers who use high standard tools and materials. This ensures that each ring alteration or repair for Manchester is carried out to a fantastic standard.

Some of the popular services that the jewellery repairers have carried out include stone replacement, reclawing and gem resetting. These are just some of the ring repairs for Manchester that they are able to offer.

When needed precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies and emeralds are sourced and all repair services are carried out using professional repair and cleaning equipment.

DIY ring adjustment solutions have appeared on the internet, but the results can never be compared to the professional products and cleaning equipment employed by jewellery repairers at dedicated workshops. For trustworthy ring adjustment, turn to Treasure Mender.

hi. I have bought my fiance an engagement ring in size q but it needs to be made smaller to a p. please can you give me a price and rough time of completion. kind regards. matthew prentice. please contact me via email as I currently do not have access to my mobile.

my platinum wedding ring has set inset stones at the top. id like the stones to go around the whole of the ring so when it twists around its all the same. plus more platinum added to the ring to make it chunkier. is this possible ? and a rough estimate of how much ? I live in basingstoke.thank you

i have three rings that need re rhodium coating and a ring that needs to be made one or two sizes smaller. can you estimate that cost ?

my wedding ring is tight. I have some extra gold and would like this added so the ring fits well. I am leaving for a holiday on 10 august so would like this done asap please.

i need a 18k white gold ring made slightly big, could I please have a quote

18 white gold solitaire ring up in size. thanks

hello I have a gold ring I want resizing I want it a bigger size.could I send it to you with another ring I want it the same size.it is a gold sovereign coin ring how much would this cost.thankyou can u contact me via email rather than phoning thankyou very much.

my partner and I made each others rings in a £60 ring making workshop, but mine is slightly too large for my wedding ring finger and needs to be re-sized to make it a good fit. the ring is made of silver, its a simple band and my partners name is stamped inside the ring. please could you help and let me know how much it would cost? please let me know if theres any other information I can

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I lost the emerald on my silver ring, do the staff offer ring stone replacement for Manchester?

The jewellery repairers can source precious gemstones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, aquamarines, citrines, topazes, garnets and tourmalines for your ring repair Manchester.

What types of ring adjustment are provided near Manchester?

Ring adjustment for Manchester can make most ring types bigger or smaller. However resizing for some very intricate ring designs might not be achievable. A free inspection service and additional advice on services is offered by the friendly staff.

My gold ring is scratched, can a ring repair for Manchester help?

The capable technicians provide a cleaning service that will back your rings original sparkle. Fragile jewellery will require experts cleaning service to prevent damage. The staff will also look out for signs of wear and tear, and advise ring repairs for Manchester as necessary.

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