Necklace Repair

Get a hassle-free necklace repair from the experienced professionals. You are sure to receive a reliable necklace repair using high standard tools and components.

The team offer repairs, cleaning and restringing for gold, silver, pearl and jewelled necklaces at affordable prices.

Necklace repairs for modern necklace designs or family heirlooms are conducted by professionals who are members of the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ).

For more information on having a necklace repair, simply fill in the enquiry form with your details and the service your require and the professionals will contact you back by phone or email.

Necklace Repair
Bead Necklace Repair

Bead Necklace Repair

Bead jewellery can be unfortunately prone to breaking, and can be tough to fix. The staff can provide a bead necklace repair for many different problems.

Pearl Stringing

Pearl Stringing

If pearls or beads have fallen off your necklace, don't panic. The team provide high quality pearl restringing services, as well as pearl necklace repairs.

Necklace Clasp Repair

Necklace Clasp Repair

Catches and clasps can stop working due to accidental damage or general wear and tear from overuse. Fortunately, a necklace clasp repair is possible.

Pearl Restringing

Pearl Restringing

For pearl restringing, Treasure Mender offers an affordable and reliable solution.

The team can provide high standard necklace repairs by a postal service. The specialists are highly trained in repair methods, and have years of experience in the trade.

There are 54 branches situated throughout the country providing necklace restringing , making scheduling your repair is easy and stress-free.

Please note that a branch may not be local so the main service advertised is postal.

Whether its restringing pearls or beads, jewellery cleaning to restore it's former sparkle or repairs of the clasp, the team can provide a quick and economical service from beginning to end.

The team understand how valuable your jewellery is to you, which is why they are dedicated to providing an exceptional pearl restringing that you can depend on.

Necklace Repairs

Necklace Repairs

The jewellery repairers offer necklace repairs via post to a fully equipped workshop.

They will carefully handle your valuable necklace and the cost of a repair in the vast majority of cases is economical free quotes provided before any work is carried out.

Common necklace repairs provided for customers are restringing, clasp repairs, gem setting, link repairs and necklace cleaning, as well as general cleaning and repair services.

These are just a couple of the necklace repairs that the jewellery repairers can supply. Whatever problem you have with your jewellery, the staff will do their utmost to help.

Necklace repairs covers all the luxury designers, such as Chopard, Piaget, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Mikimoto, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co, Graff Diamonds and Buccellati, to name but a couple of examples. Whether a vintage piece or a new necklace, your jewellery can be restored to perfect condition again.

Each necklace repair that the team undertakes includes a warranty for further peace of mind that the work has been done to a high standard.

how much would it cost to fix a gold clasp in my necklace and how quick could it be done please. thanks

i have a couple of necklaces the are broken and need re-threading. can you help? can I deliver them and how much do you charge?

pearl necklace restoration and repair

necklace clean

hi, my wifes white gold necklace has dulled and needs brightening ( I guess rhodium plating?). total length is 18 inches. can you please provide a quote and timescales?

hello, I have unfortunately snapped my favourite necklace, it is stirling silver and cost my partner alot of money. I would like to have it repaired if possible please. please can I get a quote on this. many thanks. rachael.

i have snapped my fine silver necklace. I cannot just buy another necklace as the ball thats on the necklace has a small hole for the chain to go through so obviously cannot go over either end of chain. how much to have 2 added to the chain and repaired

is it possible for me to come in to show you the necklace? I have a coral necklace that needs repair

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The pearls on my necklace are loose, can I have a pearl necklace repair?

Pearl, gemstone and bead restringing is offered for broken necklaces. Necklace restringing should be carried out on a yearly basis to prevent breaking in the future.

The chains have broken, is a necklace repair possible?

In the majority of cases, necklace repairs are possible for solid and hollow links. Pendants and gemstones can be reattached as well.

My silver necklace is dirty, can a necklace repair improve it?

Necklaces can lose their shine over time due to exposure to the elements or general wear and tear. The team can offer a silver necklace repair for cleaning and polishing via post for gold, silver and other precious metal jewellery.

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