Brooch Repair Leeds

Have a brooch repair for Leeds via post, and save yourself time and effort. Every brooch repair for Leeds has prompt turnaround times, so you won't be without your favourite item for too long.

The majority of brooches can be repaired at the fully equipped workshops using professional tools and high standard materials.

Popular brooch services include clasp repairs, pin repairs and gemstone replacement.

To get a price for a brooch repair Leeds, simply submit the website form on the right with your contact details, and a short description of the service you require. You can anticipate a fast reply by email or phone.

Brooch Repair Leeds
Repair Enamel Brooch

Repair Enamel Brooch

Subject to the brooch design, damaged enamel can be fixed in the majority of cases. The staff will always do their best to repair your enamel brooch in Leeds to good as new condition.

Repair Brooch Clasp

Repair Brooch Clasp

The most common style of brooch uses a revolving clasp. Soldering is necessary for this type of brooch repair for Leeds, which the professionals can perform capably.

Repair Brooch Pin

Repair Brooch Pin

Brooch pins can sometimes become damaged over time or due to misuse. In some cases the hinge holding the pin in place can become loose as well.

Brooch Repairs Leeds

Brooch Repairs Leeds

The team provide top quality yet economical brooch repairs for Leeds by post.

Alternatively if you are willing to travel, you can visit 1 of 54 branches located in England Wales and Scotland.

Brooches come in a variety of designs and shapes and will usually have precious metals and gemstones. Whatever kind of brooch you own, you will need it to look its best.

Expert brooch repairs for Leeds are vital so that your valuable brooch is protected, and receives exceptional treatment.

The staff use high standard tools and spare components for great results in all brooch repairs for Leeds. Your brooch repair for Leeds will be conducted by the capable jewellery repairers who have extensive experience in the business.

Vintage Brooch Repair Leeds

Vintage Brooch Repair Leeds

Your vintage brooch repair for Leeds will be stress-free from start to finish.

You can get your brooch repaired by technicians at an affordable price.

Every brooch repair for Leeds is performed in workshops where jewellery repairers use suitable tools and materials for quick brooch repairs.

Some of the services provided by the team include brooch cleaning, brooch resizing, stone replacement, clasp repairs and pin repairs.

These are just a sample of the services that the technicians can provide for different brands and styles of brooches.

For added confidence all brooch repairs for Leeds include a warranty. This covers any parts fitted, as well as any work carried out.

No chargeable work for will be completed without your consent. If you do not wish to proceed, your brooches will be returned free of charge with compliments from the team.

Providing great customer service is crucial to the team and it's reflected by the response to your enquiry and the tracking of your modern or vintage brooch repair for Leeds with them.

replace a 1.5mm round cut ruby in a gold brooch (i dont have the missing ruby). brooch is set with multiple rubies, just one is missing

i have a swarovski pave and baguette crystal brooch. I have snapped the back and there are several missing stones. I have had it soldered but it was a poor job and I need professional advice on how to repair it properly please. kind regards jane sanders

whilst I was cleaning my collection of brooches, I came across a small damage on my maple leaf brooch which I purchased in london. it appears that two small crystals have come loose and fell out, though not noticeable to the naked eye, it has me frustrated that I have noticed this. can two crystals be placed in the missing areas? I unfortunately do not have the loose crystals as they must have bee

hello, I have a vintage silver x enameled butterfly brooch which has the pin missing. it appears to have broken off leaving only the pin base, the clasp (or hook) is still fine. the brooch measures a little over an inch across. could you supply an estimate? would perhaps benefit from a little silver safety chain and pin too....very many thanks,rhiannon

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How much will a brooch repair for Leeds cost?

It depends upon the styling and materials used in your brooch, but the team aim to ensure that your brooch repair for Leeds will be affordable.

I've got an antique brooch and it looks rather dirty, can a vintage brooch repair for Leeds help?

The professionals offer brooch cleaning for Leeds for dull looking brooches which will bring back its sparkle. This is especially useful for vintage pieces.

Can brooch repairs for Leeds be conducted for any style of brooch?

It depends upon the materials used and the design of your brooch but in many cases a brooch repair for Leeds by post is possible.

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